Great Eyeballs

Projecten en plannen najaar 2015

The 2nd half of 2015 some new things are about to happen.

Gare du Nord

On october 1st 2015 the new Gare du Nord album ‘Stronger!’ will be released. It is the first new release in 4 years and we’re very excited. With this album Gare du Nord left the “lounge” for what it is; the new songs and sound resulted in a great new album that will be noticed I’m sure!

Great Eyeballs

People who saw us playing live told us we had this special kind of energy and urge for adventure; so finally came the idea and plans for a live recording. In september we will perform 2 nights in Bacchus, Aalsmeer to record in front of a live audience and hopefully capture what makes us live so ‘great’. All of you are invited to come and bring all your friends. Dates aren’t confirmed yet but I’ll post when they do.

Eric vd Westen

Eric is forming a new kind of  ‘power’ band in which he puts his love for 70’s music. The band features Aron Raams, Guido Nijs, Wiboud Burkens, Eric and myself. At this moment Eric’s writing songs which we’re gonna rehearse this fall.

Dennis Kroon

Dennis is known for his appearance in the tv show The Voice of Holland. Together with a new band (with Aron Raams, Ferry Lagendijk and Sven Happel) we will perform several concerts, starting on sept 13th in Oosterhout, and gonna rehearse for a new album.

Ibernice MacBean

Rehearsals and plans are made for a new recording full of great Stevie Wonder arrangements with Ibernice MacBean, Johan Clement and Bart de Nolf.