Victorie Sunday Sessions

Late 2018 I started the Victorie Sunday Sessions in collaboration with Podium Victorie in Alkmaar.

My idea was simple. We do a monthly concert of high quality live music with an awesome house band that accompanies a featured guest. We let the guest sing or play the music they really enjoy to do or that has been important to them. All this with nothing more than a short soundcheck/rehearsal of 1,5 hours before the concert.

It turned out to be a great concept. From day 1 the audience embraced us and practically every concert we did was sold out. We were often praised for the musicality of this concerts and the fact that the we clearly show so much fun in doing this together on stage. Lots of magical things happened during the last couple of years.

But none of this would have happened without the great people at Victorie. The stage, the sound, the lights and the hospitality. They are awesome. It’s elements reinforcing each other.

I am really blessed with these concerts. We had so many great artists join our stage already and each Sunday Session was very unique in lots of ways.

If you would like to witness live what I just talked about, come join us during one of these concerts. I will keep you updated through my site.

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