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Welcome to a most complete spot for drum lessons. Here you’re at the right right place to learn how to play really well and creatively, to prepare for conservatory auditions, to be coached as a (music) student, or to be provided with new input and refinement as an advanced player.
With my lessons I want to offer more than a platform that so many music schools and drum schools use. You determine, among other things, what you want to learn or want to improve and that is the starting point. In a positive and personal way.
Everyone and any playing level is welcome as long as you have a huge commitment and motivation.
If your hands are starting to itch … don’t hesitate to contact me. I would be happy to hear from you.

Passionate about drumming?

Being a drummer you are not only the engine, but also someone who adds flavor, is an initiator, a calming factor and supports a soloist. So drumming is not just something. It requires discipline, talent, creativity and enthusiasm.
Is drumming your passion and do you really want to learn to play well? Do not hesitate and contact me. Young or old, everyone is welcome.

 Advanced player?

Have you been playing for a while and feel you’re stuck in a certain style, technique, study pattern, habit or just musically, then I can be a fresh wind or new approach that puts you “back on the right path”.

Online teaching material

As my student you will have access to an online database full of exercises and transcriptions

Plans for a conservatory audition?

Do you have ambition to enter a music study at a conservatory but unsure whether you are well prepared? I can guide you intensively in the process towards that audition. Through my contacts with various conservatories, I am aware of their admission requirements.

Auditioned and got rejected?

When a conservatory rejects you, you’ll probably enter another year of preparation for a new audition. Then good guidance is highly desirable. There are only a few places available at that stage. The old “teaching situation” is often no longer sufficient and the conservatory is keeping the door closed for the time being.
I can assist you during that important period and prepare you intensively for a new admission.


Besides mastering your instrument, you’ll encounter countless things during your study, such as developing and deepening your own style, learning to study well and effectively, building a network, dealing with competition, etc. Input from another teacher can often be enlightening. Besides all the drumming, I try to focus on your personal and musical development.

Lessons through FaceTime, Zoom, Skype

Possibility for live online lessons through various media platforms

About my teaching experience

I grew up in ‘the’ drum city of the Netherlands; Oosterhout. Graduated my master at the Rotterdam Conservatory in 2000. In addition to being a performing musician, I have also been a teacher for more than 20 years. In those years just about all forms of music education crossed my path; from group lessons for young people and adults at music schools, to school concerts for high school students, band coaching, ensembles and numerous workshops.

In recent years, thanks to guest teaching at various conservatories, I have focused more on drum lessons that mainly focus on individual coaching, practice and the development of a personal style. At the moment I mainly coach students of conservatory InHolland Haarlem and Codarts Rdam.

Quotes and reviews

“Marc always has a positive appearance in class. The material is not only challenging, but is also presented in an accessible way. He is not only curious about the drumming itself, but also about your musical development as a student.”

Lars van der Weiden (conservatory-student)

“Marc’s lessons were always full of enthusiasm. That enthusiasm ignited the fire to plunge me to the music. This benefited my technique, groove, music experience, but especially my enjoyment of music.”

Harm van Bennekom (graduated music teacher)

“Every serious drummer sometimes struggles with the fact that he gets stuck in a certain area, be it technique, coordination, groove or musical inspiration. In all these cases I would sincerely recommend Marc as a drum teacher. The approach in his lessons is positive yet constructively critical, this combination is rare.”

Louis Carlebur (graduated drummer)

“Marc’s classes are so inspiring that you keep coming back to learn more. His lessons are innovative, creative and you can move forward with them for ages. In addition, he knows a solution for every problem you encounter. Definitely recommended to visit, because it’s really great.”

Chris van der Vlies (graduated drummer)



McBlue Muziekcentrum, Edisonweg 7F, 1821 BN Alkmaar
Lessons at home or on location possible after consultation

Days when I teach

Ma tm Wo: 12:00-17:00  19:00-21:00

Additional Info

  • Lessons are only given privately. Group lessons in exceptional cases and in consultation
  • All lessons are customized and can, after consultation, be fully adjusted in terms of duration and frequency
  • Options are 30, 45 or 60 minutes p week / 2 weeks or 1 hour p month
  • Prices are based on a standard rate of 25 € p / half an hour for students under 21 years old
  • Above 21 years the rate is 30 € p / half an hour. In that case, prices are incl. VAT
  • Conservatory-students receive a 25% discount

Get in touch

For all kinds of questions, requests, comments and registrations, mail to les@marcschenk.nl and receive a guaranteed answer within 2 hours during the daytime.

I like to hear from you.

Marc Schenk

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