Grooves | Play Along and Solo’s Drumbook

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This 41 page book handles some advanced exercises that may help develop and refine your groove. The other section in this book contains a wide variety of play along (lead)sheets in all kind of styles.

Watch my drumchannel page to see videos of me playing some exercises from this book.

Index Grooves | Play Along and Solo’s

4. 16th Grooves w Systems

5. Cymbal Ostinatos to use w G. Chaffee’s Fatback Exercises

6. 4 bar 16th grooves w snare ghosts

7. 6/4 Groove Impro

8. Chris Dave

10. Old School Hip Hop Grooves

13. Bill Stewart Solo on “Wee”

15. Crazy Horse

19. Festival de Ritmo

23. Mud Sauce

25. Rhythm Dance

27. High and Mighty

28. Klactoveedsedsteen

29. Flare

30. Airegin

32. Chump Change

34. Sky Dive

35. Sticks and Stones

36. Driftin’

37. It’s All Over Your Body

40. Oliloqui Valley

41. We Come In Peace

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