Soul Song – Montis, Raams & Schenk

Many organ players play tributes, and they should, but for some reason I haven’t seen a Shirley Scott Tribute. In 1968 she released the album ‘Soul Song’. It’s amazing! The title song should be a classic like Mercy Mercy Mercy, but somehow it isn’t, yet. On April 14 I recorded it at The Music Alliance Benelux, in the Netherlands, with guitar player Aron Raams and drummer Marc Schenk. Two amazing musicians and friends. No saxophone, while Stanley Turrentine is on the original.. WOW! I truly hoe you’ll enjoy this, because we sure did playing it. Don’t forget to subscribe because there’s more to come! I am playing on the Mojo 61, with a leslie 3300 next to it. The lower manual is a prototype of the soon to be released production units. Aron plays a Gibson ES-175 (1959 Vintage Sunbust). Marc endorses Agner Drumsticks and Istanbul Cymbals.
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